Looking to gain ultimate control but keep your car closer to the stock ride height?  This coil over system for your 2003+ Crown Vic, Grand Marquis, Town Car and Marauder will do just that and give you the same Ridetech million mile warranty and rebound adjustability that comes with our lowering coil over system.

  • This system does not allow you to lower the car more than 1″  If you’re looking for a lowering kit, this system is not for you.  Check out our other coil over system that drop the car 1-3″ here: Rear Air Spring Equipped Lowering Coil Over System and here: Rear Coil Spring Equipped Lowering Coil Over System
  • This system is for cars with factory rear air springs.  If you have rear air suspension and want to upgrade to coil springs on the rear, go to the drop down menu above and choose “swapping rear air suspension to coil springs” That will include all the parts in the rear coil spring system as seen HERE but also include the upper rubber isolators between the frame and the top of the spring.
  • Front includes Ridetech HQ (rebound adjustable) front coil over system with Ridetech spanner wrench, thrust bearings and all hardware and parts needed for installation
  • Rear includes Ridetech HQ (rebound adjustable) rear shocks and all hardware and parts needed for installation.  This system keeps the stock rear air springs and includes instructions to lower the rear ride height with the factory ride level sensor.
  • This system keeps the vehicle around the stock ride height and provides exceptional handling while not compromising ride quality
  • Front spring rate: 650 lb / Rear spring rate: Stock rear air bags
  • INCLUDES shipping to the 48 states
  • Available for 2003-2011 Crown Vics, Grand Marquis, Town Cars and Marauders

Shocks from Ridetech are made by Fox Racing and come with a 1,000,001 mile warranty.  For more details check out the following link HERE

* For installation tips check out the following Knowledgebase article: 03+ Coil Over Installation Instructions *