ADTR Front Swaybar kit (03+)

ADTR Front Swaybar kit (03+)

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ADTR’s anti-sway kits are engineered to optimize the suspension on your vehicle.

Base Price: $239.99


Product Description

ADTR’s anti-sway kits are engineered to optimize the suspension on your vehicle. When one side of your vehicle’s suspension compresses, or pushes down on the springs, the anti-sway bar is pulled up. The resulting twist in the bar forces the other end to pull down. This force will lift the compressed corner of the vehicle and pull down on the unloaded wheel on the other side. The result: your vehicle will lean less and handle better and more predictably! You’ll have better control when maneuvering through lane changes and tight turns!

  • 1 3/8″ diameter hollow front bar
  • Made for ADTR by Eibach Suspension
  • Includes Energy Suspension Urethane Bushings
  • Uses your stock factory Ford end links
  • Gives Your Vehicle Flat, Tight Cornering
  • Balances Out Understeer
  • Provides Dramatic Handling Improvements
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • Black powdercoated finish
  • Fits 03 plus Panthers Only

Swaybar does not include new endlinks. Factory Ford endlinks are available in the drop down menu above if your originals are worn!  We do not suggest anything but original as aftermarket endlink bodies may be too large and rub the spindle.

Installation: Each ADTR anti-sway kit is engineered to fit your specific vehicle! All mounting hardware is included.

Additional Information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 5 in


ADTR Front Endlinks

Factory Ford Endlinks (Pair) ( + $117.48), None

5 reviews for ADTR Front Swaybar kit (03+)

  1. jamesmiro (verified owner)

    After 2,000 miles with the swaybar kit (front and rear) installed, I can say the difference is incredible. Replacing the tiny OEM swaybars with this kit is the single best mod I’ve done to my 2006 P71. The handling went from like driving a boat to driving a tank. Body roll is nearly gone. The improvement is noticeable taking a wide turn at 20 mph or driving at highway speeds for 400 miles on the winding, scenic roads of US-101. The black powerdercoat even looks great. Save yourself the trouble and add the mounting hardware (for the rear) and new endlinks (for the front).

    Bottom line: every Panther platform car should get this swaybar kit.

  2. j.august97

    5 stars – I installed the front and rear sway bars and then had a chance to push my 2011 CVPI on some mountain roads. What a great investment. The car is very composed and has much less roll especially from the rear. The car requires much less correction during high-speed sweepers and certainly much more agile in the tight stuff. I also had a couple of passengers in the car that own high line sports cars who were really impressed. So far this has been the best performance improvement per dollar spent.

  3. patrick.mccammond (verified owner)

    5/5 Completely agree with the above reviews and installed this prior to driving my towing package CV across the country. Installed the front and the rear sway and the car feels completely stable with no suspension bounce or drift especially while turning under loads or higher speeds. Added the control arms after the boost in confidence and it was mind blowing. Wish I had done this 10 years ago! Falling in love with my CV all over again, she honestly feels like a fresh car and it is more confidence inspiring to have my family in the car under so much more control as well. Beyond pleased! Chris is the best!

  4. raylefenbre

    I installed both front and rear stabilizer upgrades. In normal driving it’s a subtle difference. The car feels tighter all around. The stabilizer bars, along with the lower profile tires I installed in late Spring, give the car something of a more European feel in the ride and handling. In corners you don’t feel the car’s mass pushing against cornering like before. It’s still there, but it’s not nearly as noticeable as before. The car feels like it has more grip because you don’t have the same extent of leaning which made the car feel like it was reaching its limit.

    Crazy, but it makes the car feel new, if that makes any sense. Any floatiness is gone leaving the car feeling much more stable and planted yet without hurting the ride quality. This was a worthwhile upgrade and inspires confidence in the car’s ability.

  5. jspd234 (verified owner)

    What can I say? This anti sway bar is AWESOME!!! I installed it on my 72 f100 cv swapped truck. It keeps the truck flat and planted on corners!!! Great product!!!!

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