ADTR Intake Tube Install Tips for 05+ Cars

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On 2005+ Panthers the intake tube changes and uses only one bung with a hose that runs down to the valve cover.  The following are instructions on how to modify your stock breather hose to run ADTR’s High Flow Intake pipe on Drive By Wire (DBW) equipped cars. 

  1. Locate the breather hose assembly on the driver’s side valve cover that connects to the air intake tube.  Using a small pocket screwdriver raise the green tabs away from the body of the fitting and pull gently.  Perform on both ends of the hose assembly until the assembly comes off.

  2. Orient the hose assembly so the end that went onto the valve cover bung is on a flat surfaceCarefully slice the hose away from the fitting using a razorblade or sharp knife and cut until the remaining part of the hose pulls away from the fitting. 

  3.  Take the supplied line and push over the newly exposed barbed fitting. 

  4. Attach the hose assembly back onto the valve cover fitting by gently pushing down until you hear a click and attach the other end to the hose assembly to the intake tube.  Tighten supplied clamp and cover the remaining bung with the supplied vacuum cap and tighten the clamp.
    (Note the installed image was taken of our test pipe, the production version has the capped bung closest to the throttle body)

Make sure all fittings and clamps are tight, remove all tools from the engine bay and start the car.  Double check for leaks and then go take it out for a test drive.  Enjoy! 

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