Want that tough steel wheel look but need more traction?  Upgrade to these widened 17″ steel wheels to put that power to the ground!

  • We take new 9″ wide hoops, cut the centers out of used stock 17″ wheels and weld on the new wider hoops making them 17×9 wheels
  • Fits all 2003+ Crown Vic / Grand Marquis / Town Car or Marauder
  • Wheels come raw, will need to be painted or powder coated to match your front wheels.
  • Process normally takes one week as the wheels are made to order.  May take longer due to hoop supplier and shipping lead times.
  • Due to Ford discontinuing these wheels we’re going to need to charge a core charge to encourage people to return the cores so we can continue production.  Price for the wheels is $689.95 but we’ll be charging a $300.00 core charge up front.  Once you return the pair of your stock 17×7.5″ wheels, you’ll get that $300.00 core charge credited back to your card.
  • Price is for a quantity of 2 wheels!

Suggest pairing with P285/40ZR17 tires on the widened rear wheels.  Those rear tires will be shorter in diameter as compared to what’s stock so we suggest running with a 245/45/ZR17 tires on the stock wheels up front.  We ran stock width fronts with widened 17×9 rear wheels on our 2004 CVPI Casper.  The Car Craft project car ran the same set up.  If you want to keep the tire size closer to stock 27″ you can go with a 255/50/17 front and 275/50/17 rear  All tire sizes listed above are available in the Nitto 555 G2 line which is what we’ve ran with good results.