ADTR Coil Over System (03+)

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Better handling, lowered stance and a road trip friendly ride?  Yes please!

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Gain ultimate control with this coil over system for your 2003+ Crown Vic, Grand Marquis, Town Car and Marauders

  • Front includes Ridetech HQ (rebound adjustable) front coil over system with spanner wrench, thrust bearings and all hardware and parts needed for installation
  • For the rear there are two options:
    • Marauder (OR REAR AIR SUSPENSION EQUIPPED CAR): Includes Ridetech HQ (rebound adjustable) rear shocks and all hardware and parts needed for installation.  Keeps the stock air spring and includes instructions to lower the rear ride height.
    • Crown Vic Police Interceptor (OR ANY COIL SPRING EQUIPPED CAR): Includes Ridetech HQ (rebound adjustable) rear shocks, bolt-on billet adjustable spring perches, rear springs, thrust bearings and all hardware and parts needed for installation.
  • This system lowers the vehicle anywhere from 1.0-3.0″ and provides exceptional handling while not compromising ride quality
  • Front spring rate: 650 lb / Rear (if chosen) spring rate: 200 lb (additional spring rates are available upon request)
  • Available for 2003-2011 vehicles only

Shocks from Ridetech are made by Fox Racing and come with a 1,000,001 mile warranty.  For more details check out the following link HERE

* Highly suggest SPC camber kit to be purchased with this kit as vehicle will require camber kit to get into alignment *

* For installation tips check out the following Knowledgebase article: 03+ Coil Over Installation Instructions *

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 5 in


Coil Over Options

Factory Rear Air Suspension, Factory Rear Coil Spring (+ $400.00)

2 reviews for ADTR Coil Over System (03+)

  1. j.p.lujan92

    Wow! How this is the first review of this kit is beyond me. My ’08 P71 is a totally different car after installing this kit. The ride is unbelievable, and the amount of adjustment that each component can support is just astounding. The installation was fairly simple and straightforward. The hardest part was getting the old components out. Another huge plus is that Chris is the man when it comes to customer support. I can’t wait to finish out the rest of my suspension with the front and rear swaybar kits and new control arms and watts link in the rear.

  2. theboss3512 (verified owner)

    Can’t say enough about how awesome this kit is. At lowered height and recommended settings the car handled fantastic, and rode as comfortable as stock. Take it to a track, lower the springs a little, and stiffer the dampers and it sticks to the road, and responds instantly. I also run metco control arms, and watts links now and the car is also 5 speed swapped and it’s by far the favorite of all my builds.

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