Swapping in a 5 speed transmission and need all the fixings?  We’ve got you covered

Kit includes just about everything needed for installation.

  • Choose between T45 or TR3650 transmission kits (YOU SUPPLY YOUR OWN TRANSMISSION)
  • Kit includes the best parts available: McLeod Super StreetPro clutch (organic and ceramic disc for good holding power and driveability), McLeod flywheel and pilot bushing, Centerforce throw out bearing, Ford Performance yoke, pressure plate hardware, clutch fork, flywheel bolts and a Fabtech driveshaft spacer
  • These kits are designed to work with our hydraulic clutch pedals so they DO NOT include the Steeda clutch cable/firewall adjuster/clutch quadrant anymore.  If you’re building your own cable operated pedals you’ll need to order that separately.  You can find those here: Steeda clutch cable kit
  • These kits come with clutches for the stock 10 spline input shaft.  Please be sure to check and communicate if you have a built T45 or TR3650 transmissions so we can get you the correct clutches.
  • This kit DOES NOT include the clutch pedal assembly.  You can find that part here: ADTR Manual Swap Pedals

Because there are so many options, preferences and variables these kits do not include EVERYTHING needed.  You will need a shifter handle and shift knob, electrical wiring pigtails, possibly a hybrid u-joint and transmission tunnel/shifter boot