Heinous Billet Upper and Lower Control Arms (98+ Whales)


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CNC machined from 6061 T-6 aircraft grade aluminum. Milled pockets and holes for the lightest possible weight. Anodized black for a stealthy look.

Available on backorder

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  • Price is for a compete set of 4 rear control arms (2 upper and 2 lower)
  • CNC machined from 6061 T-6 aircraft grade aluminum. Milled pockets and holes for the lightest possible weight.
  • Anodized black for a stealthy look.
  • Energy Suspension graphite impregnated polyurethane bushings installed for long term noise-free service.  Grease fittings included.
  • Improves handling in acceleration, cornering and braking. Makes the car feel more sure footed.
  • Fits all 98-11 Crown Victoria / Grand Marquis / Town Car / Marauders
  • Produced for us by Metco Motorsports so they are proudly made in the USA!

A quote from Ubervic on Crownvic.net :  “Far better control, feel and responsiveness of chassis dynamics under cornering, braking and, most of all, acceleration—the greater control to suspension dynamics makes the vehicle feel about 200-300 lbs lighter on acceleration, or almost like it’s gained at LEAST 30 crank hp/torque. Car wants to LEAP forward on launch and under deep throttle anytime. Braking is more confident and controllable. Cornering is drama-free and the vehicle rotates with greater speed/ease. Straight-line road feel is improved; feels like suspension is tighter, as if spring rate (front & rear) has been increased but with no negative side effects.”

For installation tips check out our thread on CrownVic.net

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 8 in


7 reviews for Heinous Billet Upper and Lower Control Arms (98+ Whales)

  1. MIKE HALE (verified owner)

    Since I changed my rearend to a 3.55 with truetrack locker and Trick Flow differential cover I’ve had these Heinous billet control arms installed and it helps plant the rear. I also installed Bilstein HD shocks which made a big difference in handling. This is no drag car by any means but with just this and a Flowmaster exhaust done it will surprise ya!!!

  2. jlee7786 (verified owner)

    I installed the Heinous control arms on my ’04 LX Sport last week, been loving it ever since !! I noticed a difference in the launch/takeoff, handling, and even braking improvements. I highly recommend them. Chris did an awesome job getting them to me as well. I just became a customer for life !!

  3. michael (verified owner)

    Installed mine myself thanks to the very helpful install guide on the crownvic dot net forum. The longstanding reviews are true to the letter. My day/night comparison is exaggerated because my control arms were shot to hell to begin with. Going from your worn out stock set to these is like driving a different car! I was used to the sloppy rear end but now it’s tight enough you can really control it in a turn. Great leap in beefing up the suspension, I can’t say you should get these first but down the line it’s a real icing on the cake. I’m seeing improvements across the board like better control under braking, more linear turns, less highway float, faster response under WOT, generally better handling during sporty driving. That said if you aren’t into “sporty driving” I seriously recommend replacing the worn bushings at the very least. I would have only replaced mine and been done with it – but the perks of the Heinous C/A made me go all in. It is worth it – but there’s plenty other things to replace on the suspension first.

  4. patrick.mccammond (verified owner)

    This addition was the biggest change in handling for my Civ CV of adding the big suspension three, (shocks- KYB gas adjusts, ADTR swaybars front and rear, and the heinous control arms.) I did it in that order and I’m glad I did. The car handles like its about ~400lbs lighter and there is almost no understeering now. You will no longer float somewhat uncontrolled in your lane at higher speeds like the stock setup. The safety I think of precision handling and controllablity upgrades is huge. Overall, I am much happier taking the family on the freeway at highway speeds with the more roubust handling and suspension that I was able to get through ADTR. Also, it’s given me confidence to finally start looking at performance based products now that I had the confidence in my suspension now. My old man drives a Gran Marq and took my car our and was blown away at the difference. Chris is the man! Shout out to the whole ADTR team.

  5. P71Nero (verified owner)

    The Heinous control arms are quite good, the bushings in the stock arms are press fit and they can work themselves loose causing massive play in the rear end. There’s no flexing anymore with these installed, and the thicker design of these arms in addition to the poly bushings does improve handling, but I think the whole “helps with launching and acceleration” thing is sort of bogus. 0-60 is the same 7.8 it has always been. I have felt a lot more comfortable towing other cars with these arms though, seeing how cheap and not good the stock ones are.

  6. Seth Kemeny (verified owner)

    Good stuff, made about as big a difference in the handling (in combination with the watts link) as throwing a 21mm rear sway bar did when I had none factory

  7. Patrick Mesker (verified owner)

    Really love these arms. I installed these along with the front and rear sway bars and I also changed my front upper control arms at the same time with moog control arms and I’ve got to say this changed the way the car handles dramatically. The car takes off better, 0-60 time improved .5 seconds. Not a lot but something. I can hit curves a lot faster now, and the car handles more like a sports car now. Would highly recommend!

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