The watts link is a fantastic way of allowing a parallel control arm set to control lateral movement of the rear axle. However, when worn, weak and soft OEM parts are pushed, spooky handling and terrible dynamics can be the result. Massive has developed a far stronger and more rigid system. Fully adjustable to allow for perfect axle centering and relying on precision spherical rod ends, this kit will control the axle and maximize traction and suspension performance!

  • Price is for a compete set of left and right watts link arms for your 98-11 Panther chassis (Crown Victoria / Grand Marquis / Town Car / Marauders)
  • Fully adjustable for lowered or raised vehicles. Works well with Massive’s adjustable control arms to precisely set pinion angle. Uses FK (USA Made) spherical rod ends. Billet aluminum construction for superior strength and light weight.
  • Includes all brand new zinc and yellow plated hardware for ease of install. Features neoprene rubber rod end boots for superior resistance to road debris and dust, prolonging life and performance!
  • Improves handling in acceleration, cornering and braking.
  • Available in either gloss black or purple.  Choose in the drop down menu above
  • Will not work on rear air suspension equipped vehicles.
  • Suggested for more HARDCORE applications.  These will make more road noise and may wear out with street abuse.
  • Ships to the 48 states for free