Borla Stainless Steel Catback System (2003+)


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2.25″ to 2.0″ mandrel bends ensure maximum flow & power


  • 2.25″ to 2.0″ mandrel bends ensure maximum flow & power
  • Quieter system, uses Borla’s Touring series muffler
  • Turndown tips for a stock like look
  • Precision computer-controlled CNC manufacturing ensures an accurate fit.
  • Built from premium 300-series authentic stainless steel to give you the absolute best in performance and durability.
  • Borla stands behind every system with a Million-Mile Warranty.
  • You will need driver’s side muffler and tailpipe hangers if you currently have a single exhaust.  Unfortunately they are no longer available new from Ford so your stuck with used.  We have a used set of driver’s side muffler and tailpipe hangers available here: Used Exhaust Hanger kit
  • Includes shipping to the 48 states!

May require modification to fit the Town Cars but has been sold to 03-05 Crown Vics and Grand Marquis and customers confirmed fitment

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 10 in


3 reviews for Borla Stainless Steel Catback System (2003+)

  1. patrick.mccammond

    I did this to my CV crown vic and wished I had known about ADTR when I did so. (finding parts numbers for the hangars etcs.) Had an exhaust leak and decided to just upgrade from single exhaust to dual. This Borla was awesome, I do love the sound. Down the road I may do the SW headers and I’m not too sure how that will fit with this exhaust but I absolutely love the classic sound of our V-8s on the road. Drove this cross country and it’s got a minimal tone at highway speeds. It’s nice for an all-arounder but adds the performance without pissing off the neighbors on the midnight shift when you leave for work late/early. Very happy with this, it’s a quality product….plus I got a free hat lol.

    • adtradmin

      The Borla or any cat back system will fit Stainless Works headers w/ lead pipes (either catted or off-road) with no problems. It should bolt right up!

  2. jamesmiro

    I also bought the Borla catback exhaust before I knew of ADTR… no free hat from the store I bought it from.

    After an exhaust leak (it’s always the passenger’s side, isn’t it…) two years ago I replaced the OEM exhaust manifold and decided to upgrade the exhaust system at the same time. (To avoid smog issues in California, I bought another set of OEM exhaust manifolds and left the cats alone, so no SW headers for now.) This a Borla’s “Touring” exhaust, which is quieter than the S-Type and the ATAK lines. It is not too loud for a daily driver or long road trips, but it sounds great and hitting the accelerator gives you the satisfying rumble that the stock exhaust lacked. Not long after I upgraded the exhaust, I was picking up a friend in my old California Highway Patrol P71, and when I started the engine he said, “Wow, it really sounds like a cop car.” At least, it sounds like a (former) cop car should.

  3. derryck

    Bought from Chris @ ADTR over the phone, excellent experience. Had the system shipped super quick, thanks Chris!

    All I needed was front gaskets and bolts, the hanger kits came with everything else. Went in pretty easy in the garage (I do recommend a sawz-all for removing old system, and if you live in a salt-belt state I recommend cutting off the old bolts and using new).

    The sound is EXACTLY what I was looking for; not loud enough to bother the neighbors when starting up or slipping in and out, but growling when pressing the go pedal. Not shouty or thrashy, just a deep snarl. This system is not loud, very subdued sound. Excellent choice for those who want to maintain the option for quiet dignified running if you need it. Five stars!

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