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ADTR’s anti-sway kits are engineered to optimize the suspension on your vehicle.



ADTR’s anti-sway kits are engineered to optimize the suspension on your vehicle. When one side of your vehicle’s suspension compresses, or pushes down on the springs, the anti-sway bar is pulled up. The resulting twist in the bar forces the other end to pull down. This force will lift the compressed corner of the vehicle and pull down on the unloaded wheel on the other side. The result: your vehicle will lean less and handle better and more predictably! You’ll have better control when maneuvering through lane changes and tight turns!

  • 1″ diameter solid bar
  • Made for ADTR by Eibach Suspension
  • Includes Energy Suspension Urethane Bar Bushings and End links
  • Gives Your Vehicle Flat, Tight Cornering
  • Balances Out Understeer
  • Provides Dramatic Handling Improvement
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • Black powdercoated
  • Fits 92 and up Crown Vic / Grand Marquis / Town Car and Marauder!

Installation: Each ADTR anti-sway kit is engineered to fit your specific vehicle! All mounting hardware is included.

Tech Notes: This bar is an original factory replacement which mounts in the factory location and is a larger diameter than the original factory bar.  You will need the stock brackets, bolts and nuts.  IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A FACTORY REAR SWAY BAR MAKE SURE YOU ADD THE REAR HARDWARE KIT IN THE DROP BOX ABOVE FOR FACTORY BRACKETRY AND HARDWARE!

Additional information

Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 in


ADTR Swaybar Hardware Kit

None, Rear hardware kit 92+ ( + $39.62)

14 reviews for ADTR Rear Swaybar kit (92+)

  1. Mason (verified owner)

    As with everything else I’ve purchased here, these sway bars are top quality and made a huge difference in the car.
    Not an INCREDIBLE difference in any one aspect of handling, but rather substantially improves EVERY aspect of handling.
    Body roll is about as minimal as it can be on a 4000lb+ car. Have been driving it for a couple weeks and it is still surprising me! Huge thanks to Chris for putting out such a phenomenal product! Definitely would purchase again and are highly recommended!

  2. 94tclowlow (verified owner)

    Just like the front sway bar it’s a big improvement expecially if yours never came with a rear sway bar like mine. If you purchase the front one I highly recommend you purchase the rear one too makes it feel a lot more balanced with a rear sway bar plus just like the front one the finish is good quality

  3. jamesmiro (verified owner)

    After 2,000 miles with the swaybar kit (front and rear) installed, I can say the difference is incredible. Replacing the tiny OEM swaybars with this kit is the single best mod I’ve done to my 2006 P71. The handling went from like driving a boat to driving a tank. Body roll is nearly gone. The improvement is noticeable taking a wide turn at 20 mph or driving at highway speeds for 400 miles on the winding, scenic roads of US-101. The black powerdercoat even looks great. Save yourself the trouble and add the mounting hardware (for the rear) and new endlinks (for the front).

    Bottom line: every Panther platform car should get this swaybar kit.

  4. j_szente (verified owner)

    Just installed this last night and Wow what a big difference.I have a 2006 CVPI and this bar is easily 3 times the size of the original bar. Car handles much better and doesn’t feel like it’s loose in the rear anymore. Fast lane changes and higher cornering speeds definitely feel much more confident and in control.Money well spent and very easy install.

  5. patrick.mccammond (verified owner)

    5/5 Completely agree with the above reviews and installed this prior to driving my towing package CV across the country. Installed the front and the rear sway and the car feels completely stable with no suspension bounce or drift especially while turning under loads or higher speeds. Added the control arms after the boost in confidence and it was mind blowing. Wish I had done this 10 years ago! Falling in love with my CV all over again, she honestly feels like a fresh car and it is more confidence inspiring to have my family in the car under so much more control as well. Beyond pleased! Chris is the best!

  6. aidin96mclaurin (verified owner)

    Easy to install, inexpensive, and very yielding in terms of added handling performance. This is a great place to start if you are trying to make your Crown Victoria something special.

  7. mdbosworth (verified owner)

    Love this product. Can’t wait to receive the front sway bar (made for stock height panthers). Improved handling for sure. Install took 25mins.

    I will keep coming back as I upgrade my 08 CVPI.

  8. jonathanmoorhead09142 (verified owner)

    These sway bars are excellent. After driving with them for a full year now, I’m confident I know everything I need to about the driving experience.

    With panthers, there’s no handling substitute for these sway bars. I started out just trying to buy KYB gas-a-justs thinking they’d stiffen things up a bit. They did, but not as much as I’d hoped.

    I removed my spare tire and jack, rear seats, and front passenger seat thinking a diet would stop the body roll. Didn’t even notice a difference.

    After hem-hawing about this purchase for my first year of panther owner ship, I pulled the trigger.

    I didn’t even have to start the car and move it to notice a difference between the stock setup and these bars. The car came down off my lift and I sat down in the driver’s seat for the first time. The car no longer wiggled. I loaded the car up with all my friends and we leaned left and right. Stiff as a board.

    Driving with these bars feels 2010ish Camaro like. C4 corvette like.

    If you want these bars. You’re just gonna keep wanting them until you have them. There is no substitute.

  9. P71Nero (verified owner)

    I’ve had both sway bars on my car for 25k miles now. Any of the suspension stuff on this site will improve your handling, and all of its worth the money, but the sway bars are the single best upgrade of them all. Let me put this simply. If you buy these, it will blow your mind. It is a different car. With these and some wider, sticky tires, you’ll have JDM guys questioning their life choices. I got this car 3 years ago and i’ve been running it in the canyons on Friday and Saturday nights pretty much every weekend. At first it was slow, but I’ve had several BMWs and none of them held a candle to what this thing can do now. ADTR has turned these old boats into monsters.

  10. drkagilbert (verified owner)

    Yes I agree. This was a great upgrade and an incredible improvement in the handling and reduction of body roll. My 2001 CV LX did not come equipped with a rear sway bar. No previous model to remove. So the process was quicker by a few minutes for that. The thing that slowed me down was fumbling with the end link parts and having several roll away. Frustrating but totally on me. It’s all in place. I expect to drive if for a few days and then check the bolts and fixtures. Very simple. No ride height changes. No squeaks or noises with the supplied grease. The bushings prefer the synthetic pfte etc grease. In retrospect, I would use a small bungee or brake hanger to help with set up. Thanks ADTR. I’m hooked on up fixen the CV now. That was easy and straightforward.

  11. Seth Kemeny (verified owner)

    About as big a difference jumping to these from a 21mm sway bar as it was from none to 21mm. Wholeheartedly recommend

  12. Patrick Mesker (verified owner)

    Really great product. Also bought along with the front sway bar and I’m very pleased. Car handles curves with ease now and just got to throw out there that Chris has been helpful the whole time. The customer service here is just great truly!

    • adtradmin

      Happy to help and glad you’re pleased with everything! Thanks for the review

  13. Luke Friesen (verified owner)

    1999 Mercury Grand Marquis 140k miles

    Simple, easy, and fast installation. Rear sway bar makes a huge difference. When paired with the front sway bar it makes a MASSIVE difference. High quality parts that also look fantastic. These sway bars should be on EVERY panther no questions asked. Highly recommended.

    Thanks ADTR

  14. Matthew Laird (verified owner)

    This is a MUST HAVE product for any Crown Victoria. Dramatic reduction of body roll and easy to install in your driveway.

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