Have a roots style supercharger and need a larger intercooler reservoir for added cooling capacity and ice use?  Look no further!

  • Aluminum intercooler tank bolts onto 98+ Crown Vic / Grand Marquis / Town Car and Marauder passenger side fender and inner fender liner.  Will require one 1/4″ hole to be drilled in the inner fender liner.
  • Specifically designed for supercharger use.  Not intended for stock coolant reservoir replacement
  • Clear 4″ large diameter lid opening for ease of icing down at the race track
  • Approximately 1.25 gallon water capacity
  • Stainless ARP bolts and lock nuts for appearance and strength
  • Drain plug located on the side of the tank to easily correct levels
  • Mesh covering of lower feed to prevent ice blocking hoses
  • Available in either black textured powder coated finish or polished finish
  • Available with either -12an (3/4″ hose) or -16an (1″ hose) feed and return line fittings.  You are responsible for lines to and from the intercooler.  This tank only includes the above mentioned -12an or -16an male fittings

THIS IS A PRE-ORDER ONLY!!! We need a total of 10 units sold to honor this price.  Please contact us for any specific questions before placing your order.  If we don’t hit 10 pre-orders by the end of August you’ll be refunded your payment in full.  Once we hit the 10 unit minimum we’ll start production.