Have an earlier 96-04 Panther and upgrading to an 04+ CVPI airbox assembly or a slot style mass air flow sensor (MAF)?  This plug and play harness is what you need to make your life easier!

  • This is a plug and play solution to use a 2004+ CVPI slot-style MAF sensors on all 1996-2004 Ford civilian vehicles.
  • One side of this harness plugs into to your existing 4-pin or 6-pin MAF connector and the other side connects to all 04+ CVPI or slot style mass air flow sensors.
  • Price includes shipping in the 48 states

TECH NOTE: If you have a 2001+ vehicle with a 6-pin harness and built-in IAT sensor, this harness will allow you to use the IAT built into the 2005+ slot style MAF.  If you have a 1996-2000 vehicle, you will need to keep using the external IAT or cut your existing IAT wiring and solder it to the two gray wires on this harness.