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We ported factory Ford plenums many years ago and by popular demand we’ve brought them back!

  • Available for 96-02 / 03-04 and 05-11 models at this time.  (If we don’t show your model year in stock, please contact us for more information)
  • We remove all casting defects and sharp edges and reshape the radius for improved airflow
  • Noticeable horsepower gains especially at upper RPMs
  • Requires no modifications to vacuum connections/routing
  • No tuning needed, install and enjoy!

STARTING IMMEDIATELY THERE WILL BE A $150.00 REFUNDABLE CORE CHARGE ON USED PLENUMS.  Choose from the drop down menu above if you want to return your core for a full $150.00 refund or if you want to keep your stock plenum and not get any $$$ back.  You will be charged for the core up front and if you decide to return the plenum you’ll get that $150.00 back.  Ford has discontinued the plenums so now we rely on you to return your plenum to continue on being able to port plenums for others.  All plenums are used so they will not be perfect and pristine.  If you want a perfect pristine one I suggest you plan on cleaning and painting the plenum you receive.  On used cores we clean the inside ports to the best of our abilities and port them like we always have.

Cores must be returned within a 2 month period to be credited back!

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in


Core Charge

I will not return my Core (+$150.00), I will return my Core for a $150 refund (+$150.00)

Ported Plenum Years

03-04 Model Years, 05+ Model Years, 96-02 Model Years

2 reviews for ADTR Ported Upper Intake Plenums

  1. aperdue54 (verified owner)

    Love this thing on my 09 P71! The way Chris ports these plenums up you can definitely feel a more even flow when putting down the accelerator, it’s most noticeable in the 4-5k RPM range! I did pair this with a few other things such as a cheap tb spacer, plenum to intake manifold spacer, and a roar pedal to address the 05+ drive-by-wire not feeling 1 to 1 like a throttle cable issue, and the set up runs like a champ for a reliable yet fun daily driver! People might say what they want about paying for a ported stock plenum over an aftermarket, but, most have never truly felt the difference, they have just heard someone else’s opinion, or, are biased towards whatever they went with, kinda like me here. Anyways, I hope this helps!

  2. Matthew Laird (verified owner)

    This is a great mod for the money! Noticeable throttle response improvement and upper RPM range feels like it pulls harder than factory. Installation was simple and straightforward and since its a ported factory piece you dont need anything but this plenum and a gasket.

    Installed on a 2011 Crown Victoria Police Interceptor

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