Unfortunately Ford has discontinued the OEM intake plenum we’ve been porting for years and we’re running low on cores. We’ve purchased the last 30 new intake plenums from Ford’s vintage parts. Because we’d like to continue offering these services we’re instituting a core charge with purchase of the intake plenums. Receive the ported plenum from us, remove your stock plenum and ship it back to get your $100.00 core charge refunded to you.

We know it’s a hassle and drives up the initial purchase price but getting cores back will allow us to continue to offer this service and be able to supply customers hopefully for years to come. Please contact us if you have any specific questions. Thanks!

To buy a ported plenum please click on the following link: https://adtr.net/product/ford-crown-victoria/intake-ford-crown-victoria/adtr-ported-upper-intake-plenums/