Happy New Year to all our Panther loving customers out there.  We’re looking forward to another great year and as always we are looking for new ideas on how we can better serve you!  Have an idea for a part we should look into producing or know of a part that we should offer and don’t see on our webpage?  Please mention it on here, on our Instagram page, Facebook page, CrownVic.net, Pantherbb.com, or Socalpanthercruzers.com 

We plan on finally getting our shop cars to the track and showing what they can do.  The RocketCouch’s goal for the year is to get kicked off the track for going too fast without a cage and hopefully we’ll cage it and go back for more!

We’re going to continue to work on getting new product to market.  We’re already working on adjustable front upper control arms for the 92-02 cars to allow camber adjustment from SPC and getting quality stainless steel brake line kits offered from Goodridge Brake Company.  We’re also going to continue our pursuit of better suspension and looking into coil over and air suspension options for the 03+ cars.

We are going to be working on tech articles, write ups, and installation instructions for common parts to help show it’s not rocket science and anyone can improve their car with the modifications we offer.  Are their any suggestions of what parts we should document installation on first?  Anyone installing a part and want to document it for us?  Please contact us and help the community!

Questions?  Comments?  Concerns?  Please don’t hesitate to ask!