Show off your vehicle and hard work to the world! Submit your vehicle and we’ll share the pictures on our social media pages (ADTR Instagram and ADTR Facebook) as well as add them to Gallery page.

Have your car look its best. Beautiful scenery, off road, on a city street, your favorite garage, at a car club event, or at the drag strip all make for interesting backgrounds. Privacy is important to us; please try to avoid including images of people or addresses in your submissions. Sometimes a simple uncluttered background makes for the best pictures.

Tips for taking the best picture of your car:

  • Don’t take up the entire frame with your vehicle. Make sure to have plenty of background around the vehicle to make the photo more balanced.
  • Lighting is important. Artificial lighting can cast shadows on the car that you can’t correct in photo editing software. Sunrise and sunset provide the best natural lighting, but avoid taking pictures of the “shady” side of the car.
  • Clean up your car’s dash/interior.  You don’t want distractions or litter ruining your photo.
  • Editing the images is allowed, but we reserve the right to reject a submission that looks ‘too touched-up’.

Submitting- Low resolution, screen shots, incomplete, low quality/blurry images will not be considered for sharing. Send your favorite high resolution image(s), a short story about your vehicle and what parts you have purchased from ADTR. Also if you’re on social media and want to be tagged, please include your posting name. If your vehicle is selected for publishing you will be notified via email.

Share Your Ride