ADTR Front Sway Bar Installation Instructions (2003-2011)

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This will show installation of the ADTR Performance front sway bar which fits all 2003 and newer Crown Victorias, Grand Marquis, Town Cars and Marauders.

What you’ll need:

  • Properly rated drive on ramps (or jack and jack stands)
  • Magnetic dish
  • Liquid wrench/penetrating lubricant
  • 7mm wrench / socket
  • 15mm wrench / socket


  1. Lift the front of the vehicle to gain access.  We recommend using appropriately rated drive on ramps for this installation but you can use a jack and jack stands.  The tires do not need to be removed for this installation.  However you prefer to lift the vehicle, the weight of the vehicle needs to be on the suspension.
  2. Once the vehicle is properly lifted, locate the front sway bar. I suggest first removing the sway bar end links (that connect the bar to the spindle) and then removing the bar bushings (that hold the bar the frame)  Use the 15mm wrench and 7mm wrench to remove the stock end link nuts as shown.
  3. Now that the end link nuts are removed, use the 15mm socket to remove the bar.  Support the bar and remove all the nuts on both sides.  Remove the bar and set aside.  This is what it should look like at this point:
  4. Take the supplied lube and spread evenly on the bar bushings.  The bushings are split for easy installation.  Slide over the bar and hold the bar up to the frame by the brackets making sure the ends of the bar is tucked in above the lower control arms by the end links.  (If you’re unsure of orientation of the bar, the logo is up when looking at the engine)
  5. Slide the brackets over the bushings and onto the studs on the frame.  Check for clearance with the oil cooler lines and install the supplied spacer between the frame and the bushings if more clearance is needed.  For this installation we didn’t require the spacers for clearance.  Secure the brackets using the supplied washers and factory nuts.  ADTR Performance bars come with collars to limit side to side motion.  It is normal to have a little bit of room between the bushing and the collar to eliminate binding.  The bar should look like this now:
  6. The 03+ front bar re-uses the stock Ford end links which attach like stock.  We have found OE Ford end links to be correctly sized and they work well without rubbing.  Moog and other aftermarket brand end links have been known to rub on the spindle as the body size of the end link is significantly thicker then stock.  Another note is that if your car is drastically lowered or raised, some rubbing may occur.  Without the use of custom spherical end links there’s nothing that can be done to correct that.  Contact Chris for further clarification.
  7. Take the stock end links and insert into the sway bar on both ends.  Tighten the factory supplied hardware using the 7mm and 15mm wrenches.
  8. Check all nuts to make sure everything is tight!
  9. This is what the final installation should look like
  10. After test driving the car, be sure to go back over all nuts to make sure everything is still tight and nothing has shifted on the test drive.

Enjoy and as always if you have any questions please feel free to contact Chris through our Contact Us Page

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