The uppers are adjustable, the lowers are fixed. The upper design of the original Heinous arms was 4 different pieces welded together due the the design of the stock arm. There really isn’t a way to make it cheaper than this. In the end, the cost of the adjustable uppers is maybe a little bit more than the original welded design but also offers pinion angle adjustment and looks super badass.

As for how strong it is I called Metco and did some research online. Metco did an independent tensile strength test of a stock Cobra control arm (before it was IRS) and compared to their adjustable arm offerings and theirs was 440% better out of the box.

My rep at Metco also mentioned that they have customers with 1000+ hp and have had no history of ever breaking or snapping a control arm. Further, Metco completely stands behind all of their products with a lifetime warranty on the bushings. I’m putting a set on the Couch with no reservations.