Trying to figure out what throttle body to get?

  • As far as price goes, BBK Throttle body 70/75mm unit ($$) > Aviator 70mm unit ($)
  • The Aviator throttle body is a 70mm throttle body at both ends, but have a step in the inner part of the body. The inner diameter steps down to 68.34 mm.
  • The Aviator has a plastic throttle bracket while the BBK pieces have a steel bracket.
  • The BBK pieces are one piece billet bodies that are 70 or 75mm all the way through. As far as build quality goes, the BBK is a nicer piece then the others
  • Will you notice a difference in performance between the different 70mm throttle bodies?  No not really.  All will give a noticeable gain and increase in throttle response
  • On a stock car, we do not suggest anything larger than a 70mm throttle body! You will lose low end torque and the car may bog off the line.  For heavy modifications (cams/nitrous/blower/etc) you can go with the 75mm throttle body or larger 78mm throttle body/plenum upgrade
  • If you have a 2005+ Crown Vic / Grand Marquis or Town Car I do not suggest upgrading the throttle body as it’s electronically controlled.  Some customers have successfully put a larger throttle body on but many ran into drive-ability issues and required a tune to get the vehicle to run correctly.  We recommend putting your money into other modifications that may give a larger gain.