You need the Marauder airbox assembly and a custom computer tune. (No a Superchips 1725 tuner will not work)  We suggest you talk to Marty at Mo’s Speedshop which can be found here: Mo’s Speedshop Custom Tuning

Other suggested parts to go with your Marauder airbox would be the following:

–   Either the ’04 or ’06 PI intake tube as the opening going onto the MAF is the correct size. You can use your stock tube but it will require effort to make it go on.  Since the ’04 intake tube is no longer available from Ford we have a high flow intake pipe that can be found here: ADTR’s High Flow Intake Tube

For more information on intake tubes check out the following link compliments of dRock

–    Marauder MAF wiring harness replaces your stock wiring harness and relocates the IAT sensor which used to be in your airbox into the MAF. This makes for a cleaner install on all 02 and earlier Panthers. If you don’t want to do any wiring, you just need to drill a hole in the airbox for the IAT sensor like stock. 03-04 Panthers have the same MAF pigtail and modifications are not needed. All 05+ Panthers should use the 04 PI airbox as that utilizes the same MAF connector and incorporates the larger 80mm MAF.

–    180 thermostat and 22c plugs are a good addition as they help reduce pinging and detonation. Most tuners suggest these.