Starting immediately Stainless Works will cease new production of their long tube headers with off-road lead pipes and you will only be able to purchase their headers with high flow cats.  Below is an excerpt of their email:

“We’ve decided to no longer offer off-road products for vehicles with modern emission systems. We know you guys were loving the freedom and power of a track-only designed exhaust systems and the track records you broke. But unfortunately many hooligans decided to run these systems on the streets.

For that reason, the EPA has decided to enforce the emissions laws at the manufacturer level and could potentially levy large fines and penalties on the manufacturers you love.”

Sorry to see it’s come to this but I’d rather be able to buy headers with cats then no headers at all.  For now we still have the off-road versions on the shelf.  When those are gone we’ll be deleting them from our web store.  Sorry for any inconvenience and if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us or Stainless Works.