It’s 2017 and here we are ramping up for another year.  2016 was our best year yet and we’re eternally grateful.  Last year our new 03+ coil over systems and 03+ Vortech supercharger systems were some of our biggest movers and we’re very happy to see so many customers modifying their Crown Vics and Marauders to the extent they are.  Getting publicity from Car Craft magazine on our project Casper ( as well as all of our loyal customers rocking our shirts/stickers/sweatshirts and hats helps get more people interested in these cars and helps the market grow.  Thank you all again for the support!

We had made some goals last year and honestly I think we made a significant dent in accomplishing them.  We developed and brought to market the coil over systems for the 03+ Crown Vics as well as for the rear air suspension equipped Crown Vics and Marauders.  This year we’d like to get an air suspension package together for all 03+ cars and offer everything in a ready to go package.  Who’s interested?


Last year we lost a relationship we’ve had with a supplier for almost 10 years.  No product, no communication and no ETA forced us to make some changes.  The great news is we’ve teamed up with Eibach Suspension and are making our own high performance sway bars.  Front bars for 92-02 and 03-11 and rear for the 92-11 will be available later this month after final test fitting.  Contact us to get on the waiting list.  We intend to be competitively priced and in stock WITHOUT crazy lead times once we get caught up with all the back orders.


The front adjustable control arms we mentioned last year for the 92-02 cars just never got worked on.  Those are still definitely on the radar and are desperately needed on our RocketCouch project.  If you’re interested in an adjustable control arm to dial in your camber on your older lowered 92-02 please email us and get put on the waiting list.  The more people expressing interest the sooner they’ll be coming to market!

Speaking of the RocketCouch we did get it to the track and the “Crown Bitch” as it’s been dubbed didn’t fail to disappoint.  Ran into a couple tune issues that will get sorted out and we WILL get kicked off for going too fast.  For her first trip to the drag strip in well over 5 years there’s a lot of progress in that alone.  Final goal of the car is to need a parachute which is 150 mph in the 1/4 mile.  Only time will tell!


What would you like to see from ADTR this year?  We welcome all comments or suggestions.  Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook ( and check us out on Instagram (