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Have had quite a few Crown Vics and Marauders (and one Town Car) grace the magazines/interwebs over the years, here are a few of our favorites:

ADTR’s RocketCouch (Obviously one of our favorites): 1992 Ford Crown Victoria – The Rocket Couch
ADTR’s Casper (Also one of the cooler ones, slightly biased): Check Out the Vortech & T56 Hiding in this Plain-Looking CVPI
Logan’s Lightning swapped Vic: 2000 Ford Crown Victoria – Full Size Tire Fryer
Jon’s absolutely ridiculous Trophy LTD on The Hoonigans: Ultimate Off-Road Grandma Vehicle – Trophy Ford LTD
St Thomas Assembly Plant Tour: St. Thomas Assembly Plant Tour – Penultimate
Car and Driver’s “The Lounge Lizard”: Ford Crown Victoria Lounge Lizard
Tom’s 10 second silver Marauder: 2004 Mercury Marauder – Luxury Land Missile
Serge’s Modswapped box body on Bangshift: Best Of BS 2015: Meet The Mod Box
Mike’s Roush Cobra Vic: 1999 Ford Crown Victoria – Active Retirees
And another Roush Cobra Vic article: Cobra in a Crown – 1999 Ford Crown Victoria from Hemmings Muscle Machines
Steve’s sinister black Marauder: 2003 Mercury Marauder – Four-Door Flyer
Matt’s “Car Craft” Vic: Link to all the Car Craft articles & Build Thread
Motor Trend article: We Drive the Crown Vic and Look Back at the Panther as It Rides off into History
Auston’s “One Take” video with Matt Farah and The Smoking Tire: Track-Prepped 2008 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor – One Take
Car and Driver’s article about one of the last Crown Vics in service: The Great Panther Extinction
Zack’s Cobra 4 valve swapped 1993 Town Car on Bangshift: Sucker Maker – 1993 TC packing 700HP!

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