Metco Driveshaft Safety Loop Installation Instructions

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Metco Motorsports PN MDL2300 

1998+ Mercury Marauder / Crown Victoria / Grand Marquis

Please read these instructions completely before beginning work. 

Installation of this driveshaft loop is best accomplished on a chassis lift, although tall jack stands positioned securely beneath the frame may also be used.

  • Prior to raising the vehicle, remove the plastic covers from the front seat mounting bolts at the two inboard locations.  Replace the factory fasteners at these locations with the supplied longer fasteners and tighten securely.  Reinstall the seat bolt covers. 
  • Once the vehicle is raised, the use of a separate jack to raise the rear axle to a center position in the up/down range moves the driveshaft to a position that eases driveshaft removal and re-installation.  In all cases, be sure the vehicle is stable and properly supported.  
  • The driveshaft must be disconnected from the rear axle for installation of the loop.  Remove the four 12mm bolts securing the driveshaft to pinion flange, and disconnect the shaft from the rear axle.  Slide the driveshaft loop with the flanges oriented forward over the shaft and towards the transmission. 
  • The driveshaft loop mounting bracket with the round hole fits over the seat mounting bolt base on the driver’s side, and the mounting bracket with the oval hole attaches at the passenger side. 
  • Install the aluminum spacers on the bolts over the driveshaft loop mounting flanges, and thread the supplied lock washers and nuts on the bolts.  Tighten both securely. 
  • Re-connect the driveshaft, tightening the four pinion flange bolts securely. 
  • Lower the vehicle to the ground. 
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