5 Speed Swapping Panthers

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There are a ton of helpful how to posts on 5 speed swapping the Crown Vics on the internet.  Here are a couple posts and videos that I’ve found that are helpful:

Pier’s thread on Crownvic.net: CrownVic.net 5 Speed Swap Master Thread
MEvans043 thread on Crownvic.net: MEvans043 Official 5 Speed Swap Thread
Center console idea thread on CrownVic.net: 5 Speed Swap w/ Center Console Ideas
Derek’s detailed swap write up: Derek’s 5 Speed Swap
Nick’s guide to wiring post on CrownVic.net: Nick’s Manual Swap Wiring Guide
Pier’s video on YouTube re: 05+ Specific Wiring mods: Pier’s 05+ MUST SEE Video
Pier’s video on YouTube re: Tips to remove transmission cross member: Pier’s tips to remove pressed in cross member
Exploded parts view and locations of the sensors on a tr3650 transmission: Exploded View of Tremec tr3650 Trans


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