Control arms, watts link and swaybars are some of my biggest sellers.

The control arms help put the horsepower to the ground and improve handling as well.  The stock control arms are made of stamped steel and have rubber bushings while the Metco and Heinous offerings are made out of 6061 aluminum and have polyurethane bushings.  The reduction of flex and mushiness of the stock arms and bushings help off the line acceleration by reducing the vehicle’s tendency to squat and improve handling by tightening things up.

The same can be said of the Metco watts link.  The watts link helps keep the rearend centered and the reduction of slop and play from the stock arms aids in cornering ability and makes the car feel much more sure footed in the corners.

The swaybars help even if you’ve got large swaybars from the factory.  The addition of the ADTR swaybars front and back with polyurethane bushings helps keep the body flatter in the corners and makes the car so much more enjoyable in the twisties!