70mm is the largest I’d suggest on a relatively stock car. With a 70mm throttle body, there will be a slight gain in throttle response and maybe some horsepower. Many will argue that it costs horsepower, but I felt a gain on my personal car. A 70mm throttle body and our ported upper plenum are a great combination and you’ll definitely notice a difference.

The 75mm throttle body works very well with the AED kits. This is not suggested for a naturally aspirated car.

If you have a 2005+ Crown Vic / Grand Marquis or Town Car I do not suggest upgrading the throttle body as it’s electronically controlled.  Some customers have successfully put a larger throttle body on but many ran into drive-ability issues and required a tune to get the vehicle to run correctly.  We recommend putting your money into other modifications that may give a larger gain.