Ford OE 8.8 Trac-Lok 28 Spline


Ford OE Traction-Lok limited slip differentials for solid two wheel burnouts!


  • Traction-Lok limited slip differential made by Ford w/ OE style clutches
  • This 28 spline unit is a direct replacement for stock and perfect to replace your open differential to eliminate those lame one wheel burnouts.
  • Suggest stronger Auburn Pro or Detroit True Trac if you’re planning a higher HP build.
  • Make sure you are ordering the correct spline for your 8.8 rear (28 spline is stock on all Crown Vics/Grand Marquis up to ’05. Some 05’s and all later CV’s come with 31 spline axles. Town Cars check your owners manual. Mustang GT’s and some Cobras come with 28 spline stock.)

Tech Notes: Requires 4-ounces of CM-19546-A1 friction modifier with initial fill

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 6 in



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