Ford PI Intake Swap kit


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Upgrade from your NPI (non PI) intake for more power with this PI intake manifold swap kit

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Upgrade from your 96-00 NPI (non PI) intake for more power with this PI intake manifold swap kit!

Package includes:

  • Ford Performance PI intake manifold with aluminum coolant crossover
  • Ford OEM PI intake manifold gaskets
  • Ford OEM PI coolant tube (CV specific)
  • Ford OEM PI coolant nipple
  • 180 thermostat and o-ring

Tech Notes: For more information check out the TECH ARTICLE in our knowledgebase

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 9 in


1 review for Ford PI Intake Swap kit

  1. powerhandlu8 (verified owner)

    Recently did this swap on my non PI 98 Grand Marquis. The key to this swap is to take your time and make sure you tag all hoses and connectors and I screwed all fasteners back onto the old intake so I knew where they went. All in all a fairly easy swap with the exception of a couple of fasteners that hold the crash bracket for the injector rails on the driver’s side. The real beauty of this kit is the fact that it is made up of all Ford parts, so you can sleep well at night knowing you are installing quality parts. You don’t have to think twice about that. That is why I chose this kit over the somewhat cheaper kits that are out there. I am the kind of guy who doesn’t want to do a job like this and then a month later do it again because something went wrong because i cheaped out and installed a part of questionable quality. Of course I guess nobody wants to do that, but anybody who has dealt with the parts chain stores has been through this frustration a time or ten. No problems like that with this kit. Good quality stuff that fits like it’s designed to and it complete with everything you need. I only needed to buy fuel injector o-rings because I chose to replace those while I had the injector rails out. A few extra dollars can make a huge difference and it really pays off in this case. I would very highly recommend this kit to anybody thinking about doing this swap. I know I may sound like a paid spokesman, but I am actually just a happy customer who appreciates quality after dealing with all the cheap junk that is out there.

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